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The People's Doctor, a film by Andrey Andreev ( screenwriter, director, cameraman, producer) This film is about a remarkable oncologist-gynecologist, professor, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, a world-renowned scientist, a loving husband and father, a humble and devout believer, Vladimir Kozachenko. His words and deeds are filled with goodness and light. He dedicated his life to saving people's lives. His motto is "Good begets good". Andrey O. Andreev (Андрей Олегович Андреев) Director, screenwriter, actor, producer Born in 1963 in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Graduated from Shchukin theatre Institute (T.K. Kopteva’s workshop, 1985). Acting in films and on TV since twelve. Practical studies of film production and pr-management in film-makinf and TV in Europe and the U.S. since 1989. Employed with Moscow Administration, as well as several TV companies, in special projects departments (image concepts development), also as an actor in films and TV, wrote for the screen. Making independent documentaries since 2006. His films have won prizes at a number of festivals and are run on TV. Member of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation. Member of the Guild of film-directors of Russia. Filmograhy (title, year, production company) 1. “Pereyaslavl milestones”, 2007, documentary, ‘Planetaris-film’, 39 mins, screenwriter, associate producer 2. “Horseman”, documentary, 2008, “KSS Svyatovo”, 39 mins, screenwriter, director, executive producer 3. “Planting Down”, 2010, documentary, “Krestyanskaya Sloboda Fund” and “Andrey Andreev Film”, 12 mins, screenwriter, director, cameraman, producer 4. “The People’s Doctor”, 2011, documentary, Andrey Andreev, 26 mins, screenwriter, director, cameraman, producer 5. “Parish”, documentary, 2011, 7 mins, produced by “Andrey Andreev”, screenwriter, director, cameraman, producer 6. “The Children of God”, documentary, 2012, 35 mins, produced by “Andrey Andreev”, screenwriter, director, producer
культура искусство кино кино The People's Doctor, a film by Andrey Andreev, Kozachenko Vladimir Pavlovich
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