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Дизайнер Бен Хаин (Ben Heine) создает портреты известных людей, используя технику, которую автор называет Digital Circlism, соединяя круги разных размеров и оттенков. Техника требует больших затрат времени и терпения.

Вот что пишет автор о своем искусстве: 

"Portraits in my Digital Circlism series are made indeed with thousands of flat circles. Each circle is made of one color, one tone, one dimension and each circle is placed one after the other on a black background. I often make a photomontage first using a bunch of references, then a digital painting and I finally apply my "digital circlist" technique. There is no automated process, it takes a lot of time, generally between 100 and 180 hours for a single portrait. I generally choose to portray top celebrities I admire, not only for their work but also for their influential charisma. In my views, Digital Circlism goes in the continuity of Andy Warhol's Pop Art portraits. And as you mentioned in your question, it is also a new take on Pointillism. I've been making all kinds of portraits since more than 15 years. I wanted to develop a very original technique. As I've been working with digital tools recently, this came quite naturally."

В коллекции "точечных рисунков" портреты Боба Марли, Мерелин Монро, Фредди Меркури, Элвиса Пресли и Джонни Деппа.



Все фото и информация с сайта http://benheine.deviantart.com/

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