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Keep the silence till your death

You’ll never know the heaven’s wisdom

One old woman in black dress;

You will choose her… Open window

Will allow your soul to fly!

Free like fire! To the endless

Rushing headlong to deep sky

Running forward for forgiveness.

Keep the faith till your death

Trambling whisper of cold shadow

Burns your mind with its breath

Follow it! You won’t fall out.

Narrow river, sleepy boat

Rival’s army near the border.

All you knew, and you forgot

Die for kingdom! That’s your order.

Keep the hope till your death…

Burned by hate in stormy heaven,

Will you lose your faith, my friend.

Will you be an unforgiven…

Thousand young guys left his homes

Thousand names - went to oblivion

Leader’s orders… Chilly tombs.

Damned soldiers… Better live on

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