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*at the entrance to Queen’s Theatre, London*



My trench coat's trimmed with small details

That may remind of foggy days 

Spent in the land

Of lords and weeds

From Irish Sea with greyish sands.


My dress with bow - la nuit d'été,

Designed for small french cabarets,

At glance too short yet keeps the zest.

And limerence betrays my breath


Your boutonnière rose, it’s snow-white

And sheds a fragrance of delight.

Your eyes that shine, your mouth that grins

Electrify me from within


My trench coat’s off now, shoulders bared,

You’re guessing on my lingerie set.

Semi-discerned under the gown,

Lace straps must be quite eloquent.


Bravo, Monsieur, good choice you maid

Inviting me to Wilde's play...


A week ago you reached to me

As I stood by the office door.

Stretched out your hand, just as if we

Had been intimate friends before.


A snow white envelope I took,

Questioning: ' lord! For whom the news?'

You bowed. No way my heart mistook,

Yet to believe my mind refused.  


'My dear lady, at first glance

Your view assured my soul for good.

And you should see this play...'                            

                                                    I gasped. 

For God rewarded my pursuit!

 * * *

And later on he gripped her tight

Barely she uttered "Sir, good night"..

A wave of rage and shame and pride

Fused with sweet fondness in her mind 


With love her bosom overwhelmed,

At last He’s holding her! She’d melt!

But anguish dashed ov'r bliss of touch - 

She couldn’t let him dare so much!


First languished, paused a moment.. then 

She stroked his temple with her hand

Blushing, bewildered, melting down,

Sweet exultation.

                                "Dearest... Friend...

Sure your embrace. And boon your lips.

Gentle your gaze.

I have been longing for this kiss.

Sweetness your fingers radiate,

I dared not ever contemplate

Such a celestial bliss “

photo: (c) An Education (movie)

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