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*Starbucks, Christmas Eve*


My fantasies will start from there,

A little realm of ‘cappuccino made with care’

By window pane there sits a girl

Watching lights shine and snowflakes twirl


With all that suits for such a place:

A small black dress, a veil of lace,

Peppermint sticks and strings of pearls,

Large mug, a Mac, and girlish grace


Half-sip of coffee, scalded lip:

By either women’s or God’s will

Enters a man, who, as it seems,

Has occupied her secret dreams!


Be it fair truth, be it a whim -

‘My secret yearnings guided him.’


‘May I?’ he asks

                           ‘Well, if you please’

Blushed, utters Girl in heaven’s bliss

Eyes down, legs crossed, glance on her knees,

She noticed dimples on his cheeks.


‘What brings you here tonight, sweet pearl, 

When all the families in the world

Gather at home by fireplace...’

Just then she turned and met his gaze


He handed out a crystal ball

Full of snowflakes. ‘Look how they whirl,

Inside, my little pearl, you see,

Covered in blizzard, you and me...’


She pressed against his collarbone,

Abracadabra - they were gone


My fantasy’s now far from there,

Where cappuccino’s made with care.

Long since the snowglobe has been shelved

Still burns their kiss and snowflakes swirl like hell!

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