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"SORRY FOR MYSELF". Поэтический ответ

поэтический ответ, навеянный прекрасным стихотворением "Мне жаль", (Анна Плантэ) http://cult-and-art.net/poetry/43511-mne_zhal


Don't be so sorry. That's not good...

Not good for you - He doesn't care,

what's wrong with you, what's up and where,

He wouldn't even if he could!


Don't let him put you in a mood.

The sick of Love is sweet but painful,

The soul is crying laud and wailful,

But you are clearly understood..


Beloved by us, where are you now

Are you in love with someone there?...

These thoughts are suffering, however,

I feel my heart is burning down...

культура искусство литература поэзия лирика стихи Sorry for myself. Sergeks
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